Monday, August 4, 2008


After getting the okay from our pediatrician at our 4 month visit we decided to go ahead and take David to the pool. We were ready for the worst and he actually loved it! Now the whole crab floating device in the picture above was not top on his list; he is still a little too young to adequately hold himself up. Here are some pictures of our swimming adventure this past weekend!

His little sun hat was too small for his big head! So Sunday morning I had to improvise and find something that will work until the khaki one I ordered comes in. A little bold for our taste, but we needed something to protect his bald head!

All in all it was a great adventure. He truly enjoyed swimming; did not cry once. We were a little surprised to see the end result. This is what happened while drying him off. I am not kidding, it happened within a minute. We don't see this too often. Maybe we need to go to the pool everyday!


Rob and Leah said...

Yeah for swimming. Looks like he had fun...I love the wide-eyed photo. It seems like all of those sunhats are very bold. I wonder why?

Melissa Roser said...

Looks like a suoer fun day.. Love and miss you all.. xoxox

Melissa Roser said...

Looks like everyone had a super fun day.. I love and miss you all xoxoxox

The Wests said...

I love his face in the picture with the hat! So funny!