Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big Weekend

Wow! There is alot going on around here. Over the past week Tripp has been very busy.

Yep! Such a big boy; he is now fully capable of sitting up by himself. However, we do still have some falls here and there.

No problems with tummy time now! As you can see he has finally mastered the skill of rolling over. I swear this child does summer saults all over his crib. He is figuring out that rolling gets him places and is very much taking advantage of this!

This stage is so much fun. It is amazing how quickly they learn things. He is full of so much personality. Dave's nickname for him is "Drama," which is quite fitting. He tends to make everything a big spectacle; yucky faces when trying new food even though he likes it and fake coughing to get attention. He is too funny! We had a great weekend full of football and friends. We are still in celebration mode from our big win against OU. Way to go Longhorns!!! It was such a great game to watch. We are looking forward to our trip to Austin next weekend to see if they can do the same thing to Missouri. We'll see.


Rob and Leah said...

He is so cute. I love the age when they start sitting up. You're right-it's such a fun stage. That's funny he's a drama king!

shalonda said...

i love that yall call him that is cracks me up!!!

The Wests said...

What a big boy!!