Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I know......I am a week late on this one. We have had a difficult week here at the Roser household; David is officially sick for the very first time. It started on Tuesday with a little cough, turned into cough/runny nose by Wednesday, and now we are battling an ear infection. He started amoxicillin on Friday, which is NOT fun, and is still under the weather. I just hope my baby boy gets to feeling better soon.

So, happy belated mother's day to all of you mommies out there!! We had a wonderful weekend in Austin with my family. I got to eat all my Austin favorites; mmmmm Maudies and Rudy's! We took David to the Austin children's museum and just enjoyed relaxing. Sunday morning before heading back to Houston we had a yummy brunch with the family. It was perfect!

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The Wests said...

Oh so sorry about the sick boy. It just breaks your heart. Hope he heals quickly.