Saturday, February 26, 2011

Disney's Imagination Movers

This year we decided we would take David to go see the imagination movers live in concert. They were in town a few weekends ago and played at the Verizon center here in Houston. He has enjoyed watching their show on the Disney channel for the past year so we figured he would be excited to see them live, which he was! He loves their music and enjoys pretending like he is playing the instruments along with them; we even have the opening song memorized so this really was a big deal! We got lucky and had isle seats which were great because several of the band members would come out into the audience throughout the show. He got to see many of his favorites up close in person and even got a pat on the head by Smitty! So once again my mommy pregnancy hormones kicked in and I teared up. Something about seeing the pure joy and excitement in your child's eyes...unforgettable!

Dancing and Singing

Warehouse Mouse

Had to have the "red hat" and "wobble goggles"

After the concert in his gear. I believe we have worn this shirt almost everyday since! It's the first thing he asks for in the morning and I can barely get it off of him to get is washed!

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Melissa Roser said...

So sweet! David looks so happy!