Saturday, May 21, 2011

we were ready....

So things are absolutely crazy hectic at the moment and I have a ton to blog about; You all will just have to bare with me while I play catch up over the next week or so. As far as an update goes we have been home for a week with one baby and a three year old who is not adjusting well to change...or maybe it is just that he is not adjusting to mommy and daddy being gone so often. Avery was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital a day after her birth with a collapsed lung. She developed an air pocket that burst, collapsing her lung and putting pressure on her heart. They inserted a tube into her chest and were able to stabilize her very quickly, but she has been with them since recovering and getting stronger. We have been making trips up there everyday; Dave and I have separated our visits so that one of us is there for at least two of her feedings. Needless to say, we are exhausted both physically and emotionally but continue to feel blessed to have two healthy babies and the wonderful support from all of our friends and family.
I planned on posting these on the day that they sent me into labor and delivery for contractions...little did I know we were going to have these babies so quickly but we were definitely ready!

A nursery for two

Final Belly Shots
35 weeks

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Rob and Leah said...

Congrats, Jennifer! I am so glad to read an update. Your belly shot is precious! Things sound hectic. I know David will adjust soon. I will pray for Avery's recovery and that you can get her home soon. Hang in there!